In partnership with Suhner Australia we also stock various abrasives to complement your stainless steel fabrication needs.

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Cut Off Discs, Grinding Discs

125mm x 1mm x 22.2mmTurbo Cut Off
230mm x 1.9mm x 22mmTurbo Cut Off
100mm x 1mm x 16mmTurbo Cut Off
Grinding Discs
125mm x 6mm x 22mm 24GritMagic Grinding Disc Rigid
125mm x 3mm x 22mm 36GritMagic Grinding Disc
125mm x 6mm x 22mm 24GritSuper Sun Grinding Disc
100mm x 6mm x 22mm 24GritSuper Sun Grinding Disc

Sanding Discs

100mm 40GritFlap Disc
100mm 60GritFlap Disc
100mm 80GritFlap Disc
100mm 120GritFlap Disc
125mm 40GritFlap Disc
125mm 60GritFlap Disc
125mm 80GritFlap Disc
125mm 120GritFlap Disc
36GritKFS 125 CE Fibre Ceramic
60GritKFS 125 CE Fibre Ceramic
80GritKFS 125 CE Fibre Ceramic
120GritKFS 125 CE Fibre Ceramic
36GritSBR75 – Sun-fix Roll On Disc
60GritSBR75 – Sun-fix Roll On Disc
80GritSBR75 – Sun-fix Roll On Disc
75 COARSE Non WovenFVVS75 – Sun-fix Roll On Disc
75 MED Non WovenFVVS75 – Sun-fix Roll On Disc
75 FINE Non WovenFVVS75 – Sun-fix Roll On Disc
75 VERY FINE Non WovenFVVS75 – Sun-fix Roll On Disc


15 x 30 40GSpiroband ESB
25 x 30 40GSpiroband ESB
25 x 30 80GSpiroband ESB
25 x 30 120GSpiroband ESB
45 x 30 40GSpiroband ESB
45 x 30 120GSpiroband ESB


30 x 10 x 40GritFSW Flap Wheel
50 x 20 x 60GritFSW Flap Wheel
60 x 30 x 60GritFSW Flap Wheel
150 x 50 -2 SMulti finishing wheel 3M – MED
152 x 50 – 8 x 25.4mm (1″)Multi finishing wheel 3M – COARSE
Multi Wheel INSERT for 3M


30/533 VA 80 GritAbrasive Belts BSGB
30/533 VA 120 GritAbrasive Belts BSGB
30/533 FVV CoarseAbrasive Belts BSGB
30/533 FVV MediumAbrasive Belts BSGB
30/533 FVV VERY FineAbrasive Belts BSGB
40 gritLong Belt
60 gritLong Belt
120 gritLong Belt

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