Customer Delivery

At Eastern Suburbs Stainless, we take pride in our ability to deliver your stainless steel supplies in the best possible condition. We take care with every item to ensure it reaches you in the same condition it left us. We understand the need for quality control and take the necessary measures for your peace of mind.
Customer Delivery

Unloading Advice

Once you’ve placed an order with Eastern Suburbs Stainless and you’re awaiting your delivery, make sure the driver can deliver the product to you safely and that you’re prepared for the safety requirements that come with receiving stainless steel. When items are heavy, consider using lifting equipment operated by a trained worker. Keep people who aren’t involved in the unloading away from the truck for their safety, and check that there is enough room for the delivery to be made.


Safety is our number one priority when it comes to customer delivery. Not only do we aim to have the product delivered to you undamaged, but we wish for you to remain safe during the process. Always heed the advice given by our staff for each and every delivery.