Stainless Steel Solid Bar

Stainless Steel Rod & Bar Products

Eastern Suburbs Stainless can provide you with stainless steel rod and bar in a range of options, including stainless steel square bar, stainless steel round bar and stainless steel flat bar in sizes to suit your specific needs. As leading stainless steel bars suppliers, we can also provide a range of sizes in both Grade 304 and Grade 316.

Stainless Steel Solid Bar

Due to the strength and versatility of steel flat bar, our different stainless steel flat bar sizes are commonly used for brackets, bases and ornamental work. We can additionally supply stainless steel round bar and stainless steel rod in Melbourne for use in general fabrication that’s also ideal for machining. If you’re looking for leading stainless steel round bar suppliers or stainless steel rod suppliers, look no further. If you’re after a stainless steel flat bar for your next project, we also stock pre-polished No. 4 320 grit flat bar in various sizes – polished both sides and both edges. Whatever you need a stainless steel bar for, we’re sure to have the right one to meet your unique requirements.

Customisation Options for Our Stainless Steel Bar & Rod

At Eastern Suburbs Stainless, we’re proud to offer excellent customisation options for our stainless steel bar and rod products, including stainless steel square bar, round bar and flat bar. We provide a cut to size service for all orders, ensuring you receive the exact size you need. Our techniques result in a clean and professional finish to ensure your product will meet the highest standards. We perform this with efficiency and strive to provide you with the best stainless steel rod, stainless steel bar or stainless steel angle available.

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Customers can be assured they’re getting the best possible service when ordering stainless steel bar or stainless steel rod in Melbourne from Eastern Suburbs Stainless. Whether you need stainless steel square bar, want to learn more about our stainless steel flat bar sizes, or you’re simply looking for the best stainless steel round bar suppliers, we have you covered. Call us today for a quote.


DimensionsDescriptionQuantity (Meter)Select
12 X 3T304 FLAT Bar
20 X 3T304 FLAT Bar
25 X 3T304 FLAT Bar
30 X 3T304 FLAT Bar
40 X 3T304 FLAT Bar
50 X 3T304 FLAT Bar
75 X 3T304 FLAT Bar
100 X 3T304 FLAT Bar
20 X 5T304 FLAT Bar
25 X 5T304 FLAT Bar
30 X 5T304 FLAT Bar
40 X 5T304 FLAT Bar
50 X 5T304 FLAT Bar
75 X 5T304 FLAT Bar
100 X 5T304 FLAT Bar
12 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
20 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
25 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
30 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
40 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
50 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
65 x 6T304 FLAT Bar
75 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
100 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
150 X 6T304 FLAT Bar
25 X 8T304 FLAT Bar
30 X 8T304 FLAT Bar
40 X 8T304 FLAT Bar
50 X 8T304 FLAT Bar
65 X 8T304 FLAT Bar
75 X 8T304 FLAT Bar
100 X 8T304 FLAT Bar
20 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
25 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
30 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
40 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
50 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
65 x 10T304 FLAT Bar
75 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
100 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
100 X 12T304 FLAT Bar
200 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
150 X 10T304 FLAT Bar
25 X 12T304 FLAT Bar
30 X 12T304 FLAT Bar
40 X 12T304 FLAT Bar
50 X 12T304 FLAT Bar
75 X 12T304 FLAT Bar


DimensionsDescriptionQuantity (Meter)Select
12 X 3T316 FLAT Bar
20 X 3T316 FLAT Bar
25 X 3T316 FLAT Bar
30 X 3T316 FLAT Bar
40 X 3T316 FLAT Bar
50 X 3T316 FLAT Bar
75 X 3T316 FLAT Bar
100 X 3T316 FLAT Bar
20 X 5T316 FLAT Bar
25 X 5T316 FLAT Bar
30 X 5T316 FLAT Bar
40 X 5T316 FLAT Bar
50 X 5T316 FLAT Bar
75 X 5T316 FLAT Bar
100 X 5T316 FLAT Bar
20 X 6T316 FLAT Bar
25 X 6T316 FLAT Bar
30 X 6T316 FLAT Bar
40 X 6T316 FLAT Bar
50 X 6T316 FLAT Bar
75 X 6T316 FLAT Bar
100 X 6T316 FLAT Bar
40 X 8T316 FLAT Bar
50 X 8T316 FLAT Bar
75 X 8T316 FLAT Bar
100 X 8T316 FLAT Bar
20 X 10T316 FLAT Bar
25 X 10T316 FLAT Bar
30 X 10T316 FLAT Bar
40 X 10T316 FLAT Bar
50 X 10T316 FLAT Bar
75 X 10T316 FLAT Bar
100 X 10T316 FLAT Bar
25 X 12T316 FLAT Bar
40 X 12T316 FLAT Bar
50 X 12T316 FLAT Bar
65 X 10T316 FLAT Bar
75 X 12T316 FLAT Bar
100 X 12T316 FLAT Bar
150 X 12T316 FLAT Bar
75 X 16T316 FLAT Bar
65 X 25T316 FLAT Bar


DimensionsDescriptionQuantity (Meter)Select
40 X 5T304 POL FLAT Bar
50 X 6T304 POL FLAT Bar
65 x 6T304 POL FLAT Bar
100 X 6T304 POL FLAT Bar
40 X 10T304 POL FLAT Bar
50 X 10T304 POL FLAT Bar
65 X 10T304 POL FLAT Bar


DimensionsDescriptionQuantity (Meter)Select
6 X 6T304 SQ Bar
8 X 8T304 SQ Bar
10 X 10T304 SQ Bar
12 X 12T304 SQ Bar
16 X 16T304 SQ Bar
20 X 20T304 SQ Bar
25 X 25T304 SQ Bar
32 X 32T304 SQ Bar
40 X 40T304 SQ Bar
50 X 50T304 SQ Bar


DimensionsDescriptionQuantity (Meter)Select
6 X 6T316 SQ Bar
8 X 8T316 SQ Bar
10 X 10T316 SQ Bar
12 X 12T316 SQ Bar
16 X 16T316 SQ Bar
20 X 20T316 SQ Bar
25 X 25T316 SQ Bar
30 X 30T316 SQ Bar
40 X 40T316 SQ Bar
50 X 50T316 SQ Bar


DimensionsDescriptionQuantity (Meter)Select
3.18MMT304 RND Bar
4.00MMT304 RND Bar
4.76MMT304 RND Bar
5.00MMT304 RND Bar
6.00MMT304 RND Bar
6.35MMT304 RND Bar
7.94MMT304 RND Bar
8.00MMT304 RND Bar
9.53MMT304 RND Bar
10.00MMT304 RND Bar
11.11MMT304 RND Bar
12.00MMT304 RND Bar
12.70MMT304 RND Bar
14.28MMT304 RND Bar
15.88MMT304 RND Bar
16.00MMT304 RND Bar
19.05MMT304 RND Bar
20.00MMT304 RND Bar
22.23MMT304 RND Bar
25.00MMT304 RND Bar
25.40MMT304 RND Bar
28.54MMT304 RND Bar
30.00MMT304 RND Bar
31.75MMT304 RND Bar
34.93MMT304 RND Bar
35.00MMT304 RND Bar
38.10MMT304 RND Bar
40.00MMT304 RND Bar
44.45MMT304 RND Bar
50.00MMT304 RND Bar
50.80MMT304 RND Bar
57.15MMT304 RND Bar
60.0MMT304 RND Bar
63.50MMT304 RND Bar
69.75MMT304 RND Bar
76.20MMT304 RND Bar
88.89MMT304 RND Bar
101.60MMT304 RND Bar
127.00MMT304 RND Bar
152.40MMT304 RND Bar


DimensionsDescriptionQuantity (Meter)Select
3.18MMT316 RND Bar
4.00MMT316 RND Bar
4.76MMT316 RND Bar
6.00MMT316 RND Bar
6.35MMT316 RND Bar
7.94MMT316 RND Bar
8.00MMT316 RND Bar
9.53MMT316 RND Bar
10.00MMT316 RND Bar
12.00MMT316 RND Bar
12.70MMT316 RND Bar
14.28MMT316 RND Bar
15.88MMT316 RND Bar
16.00MMT316 RND Bar
19.05MMT316 RND Bar
20.00MMT316 RND Bar
22.23MMT316 RND Bar
25.00MMT316 RND Bar
25.40MMT316 RND Bar
28.54MMT316 RND Bar
30.00MMT316 RND Bar
31.75MMT316 RND Bar
34.93MMT316 RND Bar
38.10MMT316 RND Bar
40.00MMT316 RND Bar
50.00MMT316 RND Bar
50.80MMT316 RND Bar
63.50MMT316 RND Bar
76.20MMT316 RND Bar
88.89MMT316 RND Bar
101.60MMT316 RND Bar
127.00MMT316 RND Bar

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