Steel Supplies in Clayton

At Eastern Suburbs Stainless, we pride ourselves on making quality steel supplies more accessible. Our steel suppliers specialise in steel sales in Clayton for retail, commercial, industrial, medical and hospitality sectors. In addition, we offer various services such as cutting stainless steel products to size and folding steel into complex shapes using the latest technologies.

What We Offer

Eastern Suburbs Stainless has all the stainless steel supplies Clayton customers need. Our selection includes:

  • Sheets – Useful for household items and fixtures as well as textiles, chemicals, food, transportation and aerospace applications
  • Plates and coils – Suitable for manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Tubes – Ideal for handrails, balustrades and high pressure environments
  • Solid bars – Useful for brackets, bases, ornamental work and general fabrication
  • Pipes – Suitable for decorative applications, such as creating wall art and garden features
  • Fittings – Including handrail brackets, dome end caps, BSP sockets and much more
  • Tube bends – Available in 45, 90 and 180 degrees

We also stock aluminium, welded mesh, woven mesh, and polishing consumables to bring steel back to its original finish. If you need something that we don’t have, our stainless steel suppliers will do their best to source it for you.

Browse Our Range Today

Look no further than Eastern Suburbs Stainless for the very best steel supplies in Clayton. Contact our friendly steel suppliers today for more details.